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About Us

About Us

What is Get Out Today?

Get Out Today was an idea brought to life by a local NJ graduate. As an RA (Resident Assistant/Preceptor) at Rutgers University, Tamara Remedios discovered that students did not have a resource for local information (other than that big 'ol yellow pages). Every night she gave out menus to order food, recommended restaurants to take visiting friends or parents, and told students where to get an item, etc.

Two years after graduating, Tamara decided to bring life to her college idea. She created a college marketing agency, Xplore Communications, and designed Get Out Today. The first issue appeared at Rutgers, New Brunswick in the Fall of 1999. The success was tremendous and Get Out Today now reaches over 140,000 NJ college students at over 15 colleges. Get Out Today has also grown to include a, events and much more... Get Out Today is more than a guide, it's a lifestyle.

Xploring More Than Campuses

Xplore Communications has grown as well. Xplore has shed it's college marketing skins and now provides advertisers with complete marketing services including web design, creative design, printing, advertising design and tracking, promotional items and everything else in between.

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