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Diary of My Makeover Story

So if you don't know what the Makeover Story is, let's start there. A Makeover Story is a television show on The Learning Channel (TLC) that comes on daily at 12noon. Each half-hour program features two " Makeover Buddies," and follows them as they make some trendy transformations. Expert stylists select their new wardrobe. Then a day at the salon with make-up artists and hair professionals to "glam up" the guests. Then the Makeover Buddies are off to a party to unveil their new looks for family and friends. Ordinary people being treated like kings and queens for a day!

It was such a great experience and one that set the Makeover theme (2002) for all of Get Out Today that I decided to share it with you:

How we came to be selected:
Our story is about me (Tamara - creator of Get Out Today) and my sister, Jessica. One day as I was procrastinating from Get Out Today so I decided to fill out the application for A Makeover Story, which I had just finished watching with my sister (ok so I was procrastinating for a while). I had fun filling out the application pointing out flaws in my sister & me and telling our story. I was very lighthearted and put little side notes for almost everything I wrote (pretty much how you will see here). We then worked out, got redressed and took a picture to submit (on left). Whatever we did worked! Within 2 days we were having a phone interview and within a week we found out we were selected (BTW, not everyone goes through that quickly). We decided to do it - hey can you ever turn down 15 minutes of fame (should you, now that's a different story)?

So why were we so special?
Well here's our story line: Jessica and I are 4 years apart in age, however we often get mistaken as twins by strangers and create much confusion for family and friends. At family gatherings people don't ask us questions until we are side-by-side, so they can figure out that Jessica is the one with curly hair and Tamara with straight.

Jessica just finished her 5-year Masters in Education program at Rutgers and was about to venture out into the "Real World" with her first job. She needed to shed her college wardrobe and the conservative clothes of student teaching. On top of that she accepted a job to teach 4th Grade in a bilingual school in Monterrey, Mexico where she would be living for one year.

I, on the other, had graduated several years ago and have been in business for four years. Every year I face two questions: am I interning for Xplore Communications and when am I graduating? So it seemed that I needed a new mature look! I also needed to get out of my work-at-home routine of cotton pajamas (see before picture)!

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