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Mix like a pro:

  • Even Professional measures the ingredients. Don't guess to make a perfect drink every time. One Normal Shot Glass= 1oz.

  • Serve cocktails icy cold! Pre-chill glasses in the refrigerator or let them sit in shaved ice before using. It makes drinks tastier!

  • Always put ice in the glass or shaker before pouring ingredients. That way, the liquids are chilled as they are poured over ice.

  • You'll get more juice from lemons and oranges if you soak them in warm water.

  • When the recipe calls for a twist of lemon peel, rub a narrow strip of peel around the rim of the glass. Then twist the peel so that one small drop will go into the drink. Then drop the peel.

  • When the drink consists of clear liquids, STIR! If the drink has a carbonated drink (soda, ginger ale), stir gently to preserve the bubbly! SHAKE drinks that contain fruit juices, sugar, eggs, cream or other ingredients difficult to mix. Really SHAKE - don't just rock!

  • A clean piece of wax paper rubbed on the rim of a bottle will prevent dripping when you pour!

  • For a "sugar-frosted" glass, moisten the rim of a pre-chilled glass with lemon or lime and then dip into powdered sugar (before alcohol is poured).

  • Measures:
    Jigger = 1.5 oz-2 oz
    Pony = 1 oz
    Dash = 1/6 oz
    Teaspoon = 1/8 oz

  • When you shake a drink that requires an egg, use an ice cube. It breaks up the egg and helps it blend into the drink.

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