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3 Man


· two dice
· drinks

Each person roles the dice in turn. If any drinks are given out they role again. After 5 consecutive turns of giving out at least one drink they are able to make a rule.... any rule goes!

Drinks: drinks are givin on a basis of what is rolled..
7 ahead, person ahead of roller drinks.
9 behind: person behind roller drinks.
10: social.. all drink. any paris may be broken up
(double 6's, give on 6 to two other people and each drink 6 drinks.)
or they may be given to two people who most roll for what they drink.

use rules here...
i.e. low drinks high, drink what you roll, drink twice what the other person rolls... and so on.

any time snake eyes is rolled the roller becomes "thumb master" when ever he/she puts their thumb on the table everyone must follow... last one drinks.

3 MAN: when a person rolls a 2 and a 1 they become the 3 man. any time a 3 is rolled he/she must drink, until a new person becomes 3 man.

Submitted By BMo


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