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Beer Pong

· 2-4 People
· 30 Plastic Cups
· table
· ping pong balls
· beer

Each team stands on opposite sides of the table, each team gets 15 cups. The cups need to be arranged in triangles at the edge of the tables. All cups must be touching. If not then it's cheating.

Each team then will take 3-5 beers (or more if you like, just make sure it is the exact same as your opponent) and fill up the cups, then it's time to begin!!

Take the ping pong ball and throw it towards your opponent's cups. If it goes in then the opponent must drink that cup, and then throw. If it misses then your opponent throws at your cups.

You go until one of the teams clears one of the sides. The loser's have to drink what ever cups they didn't clear of their opponents.

But wait first before they drink they can try to win by making it in one cup centered on the edge of opponents side of table. They make it then the other team must finish all the cups. They miss well they're back to drinking everything.

Have fun, and remember it doesn't matter how the ball goes in as long as it goes in. Bounce it off the ceiling if you have to. Just get your balls in the hole!

Submitted by: ME!!!!! (who???)


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