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· cards
· 4 or more people
· drinks

Deal the cards out evenly to all players sitting in a circle. Players do not look at their cards. They should leave them face down in a pile in front of them.

The player after the dealer flips one card over, the next person then flips theirs. If the cards are the same number or same suit, there is a connections.

The player that follows the connection counts for the drinks. The number you drink corresponds with the number on your card. If you have a jack, it is 11 drinks, queen 12, king 13, Ace 14.

If there is more than two people with connections in a row (remember that a connection is by suit or number on card) everyone who is connected drinks. If there is no connection, no one drinks until a connection is formed. The game is over when the cards are gone

Submitted By Melissa Daul


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