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A party favorite!
· cards
· min of 5 people
· drinks

The first round establishes who is the President, V-Pres, (if desired Sec), Normals and then the Asshole.

Cards are dealt to each player (6-7 cards or more if desired). The cards are ranked as such 2 (most powerful) Ace, King, Queen, ...... til 3 (least powerful).

Someone is chosen to go first they put down a card. The next person must (1) play a card higher than that card, (2) pass (and drink), (3) place the same card (skip immediate next person they drink). This continues around the table.

A new hand starts when ALL Players have passed or someone throws down a 2, which clears the board. Last one to throw goes first.

This continues until players are rid of their cards. First person out is President... it continues until there is the loser, the Asshole.

You may put down two (or more) of the same number at the start of the hand, if so everyone following MUST put down doubles (or more). Again 2 can clear the board.

At the end of each round change seats to reflect the hierarchy. HINTS: Play lowest cards first. Abuse the Asshole as much as power. If President, abuse everyone.

can make anyone drink any time. Starts each round. Never must refill own beer/drink. (Sometimes takes best card from asshole at the beginning.)

VP: can make any player drink (except Pres), goes second in each round.

Others: can make each other drink too as well as asshole. Play in the order that they finished in last round.

Asshole: Must deal all cards, clear rounds, get drinks, and cannot make others drink. Goes last in each round.


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