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If you are out to have more than gut wrenching laughter and get piss-drunk while doing it.....PLAY THIS GAME!

· quarter
· booze
· back-up quarter (in case)

There is NO saying Tails...It is now CARIBOU! (If you do...take a dwink!)

There is no saying Drink Drank or Drunk..It is now..Dwink Dwank and Dwunk! ( If you say it wrong...take a dwink!)

There is NO SLIDING the quarter in ANY way shape or form! (if you do...take a dwink!)

If you drop (FUMBLE) the quarter..take a dwink!)

If you spill any amount of alcohol, it's Alcohol Abuse....take a dwink...and do 25 pushups!!

Owner of the home makes one house rule..(can't say names..can't swear..ect.)

The person who supplies the quarter goes first, (player A). Player A picks a person (player B). "A" flips the quarter...."B" guesses if it is a HEAD or a CARIBOU If "B" guesses wrong, "A" SPINS the quarter while "B" chugs. The quarter is ONLY stopped when Player "A" chooses! Once the quarter is stopped, "B" guesses what side is up...If he/she is wrong....the quarter is spun again while "B" chugs...If Player "B" guesses right....the quarter is now theirs..and they choose who they want to play.....

Now be warned!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL GET DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Submitted by: annhodgson


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