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Drunk Driver


· 1 deck of cards (minus Jokers)
· At least 2
· Beer (Lots, it goes fast)

How to Deal: One person deals five cards face-down in a row, plus one above the row. This sixth card is your "Chance" card, in case you get a middle number (i.e. 5-8).

Game Play: The person guessing starts from the left. On the first card, you must guess whether it is red or black (Suits are not important).

On the next four cards, you have to guess if the next face-down card is higher or lower than the face-up card to the immediate left. If you are wrong at any point, all cards that are face-up are covered by one layer of face-down cards.

The stack that you were wrong on determines the number of drinks (not sips) you must take (i.e. 4th stack from the left=4 drinks; 2nd stack=2 drinks, etc.).

If at any time you get a card you do not want to guess on (i.e. 5-8, where it is hard to guess higher or lower), you may take the chance card down and replace the current card you are playing off of. You only get one per person, though...

Play switches when guesser makes it all the way through the 5 cards, or the person quits, in which case they have to chug the remainder of their beer, or 1/2 a beer, whichever is greater.

Submitted By Liam McKinney


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