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F*@k You!


· cards
· 4 or more people
· drinks

Everyone sits in a circle around a table. The cards sit in the middle of the table, upside down so no one can see whats on them.

The first person to play says a color, either red or black, then picks up a card and turns it over on the table.
a. If it is the color they said it would be then nothing happens and the next person in the circle (clockwise) has a go.
b. If it isn't the color they said it would be then they have to drink for as long as the card says.

So if it was the 6 of clubs and they'd guessed RED then they'd have to drink for 6 seconds.

However it gets more interesting. If someone picks up a picture card like the king of hearts, and they guessed the color of it correctly (RED in this case) then they can pick two people out of the group by saying "F*@K YOU Person A and F*@K YOU Person B" and those two must drink for 3 seconds each.

If they picked a picture card but said the wrong color beforehand then they only have to drink for 3 seconds themselves.

The next person then has their turn. If someone gets an ace then they make up their own rule, which can be anything at all.

Submitted By Jon Green


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