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· cards
· people
· beer
· Empty 2-liter bottle

Everyone sits around the 2-liter bottle in a circle and spreads the cards out face-down around the 2-liter bottle.

The first person picks up a card if its:
Ace-everyone drinks their beer (social)
2 through 5- the person who picked up the card drinks for that many seconds
6 or 7- the person who picked up the card makes anyone drink for that many seconds (it can be broken up into more then one person)
8 is thumb master-the last person to put their thumb on the table or on the floor (if theres no table) drinks
9 is rhyme-the person who picked up the card says a word and everyone has to rhyme with that word and whoever cant rhyme drinks
10 is drink to the left (the person sitting to the left of the person who picked up the car has to drink)
Jack is drink to the right
Queen is category
-the person who picks up the card says a category (such as car companies) and everyone has to say something in that category and the first person to repeat or not able to think of something has to drink
King is you pour some of your beer into the 2-liter bottle in the middle and whoever picks up the last King has to drink what's in the bottle

Submitted by: Doug Mueller RU '04


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