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· 1 deck of cards
· At least 3 players
· Beer in cans (bottles make it harder... you will see why)

Place a can of beer in the middle of the table, and the deck of cards face-down anywhere.

The first person guesses "red" or "black" and then flips over the top card in the deck (red=hearts or diamonds; black=spades or clubs).

If correct, they attempt to put the card on top of the can of beer with at least 2 edges hanging off. If wrong, they drink the face value in seconds (1-9=amount of seconds shown; 10-king=10 seconds;ace=15).

Then they must put the card on top of the can with at least 2 edges hanging off. As card are put on, each card must hang off another. When any of the cards fall off of the can, the person responsibe must chug the can of beer.

Submitted By Stephen Norris


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