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Ride The Bus

· deck of cards
· booze

· same as pyramid
· bottom row has 5, next 4, all the way up to one
· deal the rest of the cards out so that everyone has the same amount of cards
· first row is one drink per card, second two drinks, and last row is five drinks

· get rid of all your cards
· there is no lying, if you have the card you put it down face up and give the appropriate amount of drinks
· the person with the most amount of cards left in their hand has to ride the bus at the end of the game

· deal out 10 cards to the person that has to ride the bus
· the person can't look at the cards
· the rider flips them one at a time
· if the card is from a 2 to a 10, it is a free card and the next one may be flipped without taking any drinks
· if a jack is flipped - one drink + one more card in the hand,
queen - 2 drinks + 2 more cards in hand
king - 3 drinks + 3 more cards
ace - 4 drinks + 4 more cards
· the person rides the bus until he/she has no more cards in their hand, or they have gone through the whole deck.

Submitted by Ryan Iannone


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