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· deck of cards
· people
· lots of beer

First off, a full can of beer is placed in the center of the table with the cards spread out face down around it. One Player picks a card at a time in order.
Ace=In your face (person across from you takes a drink)
2=Two for you (You give 2 drinks to any one person.
3=Three for me (the person that drew takes 3 drinks)
4=Four for whores (All the ladies playing takes a drink)
5=make a rule (make any rule. Be creative! The person that breaks it has to drink)
6=6 for dicks (All the guys take a drink)
7=WATERFALLS (Everyone starts drinking when the person that drew the card tips up his brew. The second person to the left can't stop until the first person does and so on. The person on the the opposite side is the last to put his/her drink down.)
8=Bathroom Pass (Nobody can leave the table for any reason unless they have this card. They can use it at anytime).
9=Rhyme time (the person that drew the card has to say a phrase to the next person the second person has to say another phrase that rhymes off that and so on. The person that fails to rhyme or caught thinking has to slam)
10=catagories (example: type of cars' brand of shoes, street names...If they fail to say the right thing or are caught thinking they slam)
Jack=social (Everyone Cheers and slams)
Queen=Questions (The person that draws the card ask anyone any question if they respond or laugh they drink if not that person continues to ask another person a different question and so on.)
Kings= go on the top of the unopened beer in the middle of the table and the person who draws the last king or drops the remaining kings has to drink the beer in their hand and then the one in the middle.

Submitted by:
Jay Franklin & Chris Chilton


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