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Survivor Flip Cup

· at least 5 people
· 1 cup for each person
· long table
· lots of beer

A variation of my favorite drinkin game, flip cup. The rules are:
teams of five line up along each side of the table and pour a reasonable amount into the cup, more than a shot but not too much to kill yourself. The first person on each team, standing across from each other, cheers cups and begin to drink as fast as they can, once they are done, they place the cup right side up on the edge of the table and flip it by flicking it with their hand. The goal is to get it to land upside down, keep going until you get it to land, once it lands the next person in line goes, first team to finish wins the round.

Now with survivor flip cup, the losing team has to lose a player! So you can either have it so the winning team gets to vote off one of the losing team, or you can have it so the losing team gets to chose which one of them goes, both rules are still fun. now say team A won and team B lost, team A still has 5 people, and now team B has 4. team B still has to drink all 5 cups some one on their team has to go twice in one round! now if team b loses again it will be 5 on 3 and now two people on team B will have to take 2 cups, or, if they want 1 person can take 3 cups and the other 2 players on team B can stay with one. if its 5 on 1 and youre the 1 person, you get messed up. So this game has the same fun factor as Flip Cup but with the voting off games get interesting, ive seen total wipeouts, and on the other hand ive seen games come down 1 player on 1 player. also about the voting rule, if you make it so winners vote, they will obviously vote off the best drinker/flipper on the losing team, but if you set it so losers vote their own, they will obviously get rid of their weakest link. so losers vote usually create closer games. Game ends when one team has no more players left. Have fun!

Submitted by Scarface


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