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Six Steps to a Blockbuster Resume
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STEP SIX: Education and Training

Data provided in this section should be prioritized (and included) according to:

  • Your current career level (entry-level as opposed to professional)
  • The purpose of your resume
  • The country in which your resume will be distributed

Your current career level:
If youíre an entry-level candidate with little or no professional experience, your education should be presented immediately after the Qualifications Summary and/or skills area. The reasoning for this is that education is currently your most marketable asset. Here, you would include:

  • GPA (if 3.5 or above)
  • Awards/scholarships
  • Deanís list
  • Coursework relevant to job search

If youíre a professional with five or more years of experience, Education should be listed last on your resume. GPAs, awards or scholarships, and mention of deanís lists are not generally provided in a professional or executive resume, except for those used for entrance into graduate school programs.


Include all specialized training that is transferable to your new job target. If you have not attended college, include all specialized training in your target field. Hiring managers generally prefer to see some post-secondary education.

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