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Your Guide to Temping

  • Smile and Enjoy it! You have to be there any way, might as well make the best of it. Be confident, dependable and cheerful - time will pass quickly!
  • Don't Say You're "Temping." Say you're "helping out" or "filling in for xyz person." It puts you in control of how you are perceived.

  • Ask Questions. They might have explained the job several times and you feel foolish asking... but it's better safe than sorry! You can spend hours working on something and then be told it's all wrong and don't come back tomorrow! Just ASK!

  • Learn Names Quickly. Learn the names of the people you're working with -- even if you're going to be with them only a day or two. It makes your job easier and you look more professional.

  • Choose Your Friends Wisely. Be professional and friendly with everyone. And don't gossip or be cliquish - you'll get a bad name for yourself.

  • Know Who You Are. Prepare a 15 second description (commercial) of yourself. That way, when someone asks, "Why are you temping?" you can market yourself and sound professional and intelligent. (After all, you are, right?)

  • Network. You never know who you're going to meet. Create new jobs for yourself. Get others in the company to know you. Let them know your skills. You can turn a one week, boring assignment into a fun, flexible, responsible year-long position.

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