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Perhaps you didn't intend to spend four years pursuing a degree to end up working as a temp, but temping does have its advantages.

Only 15 to 30% of graduates each year will have a contract or employment offer in their hand when they receive their diploma. The remaining 70-85% will continue looking for a full-time opportunity over the next several months.

While searching for your "dream job" or simply looking for some money during breaks (summer, winter, spring) temporary positions are great!

Advantages of Temping:

  • Allows you the opportunity to explore a particular company or field of interest. If you ask, agencies can try to place you in a specific field of study or interest.

  • Provides you with networking opportunities and job related references. (Always get business cards).

  • Develop your computer skills and build your resume.

  • With good computer skills you can get wages of $10-$12 an hour, which is better than that mall job!

  • Temping provides a flexible schedule to take time off for interviews or even a summer vacation without much hassle.

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