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On- vs. Off-campus: Part 1

So it's time to decide what to do for housing. If you're trying to way out the options or even sway your parents read on. We bring to you both sides of the story for you to decide, after all it is your decision.

Here are the pros and cons of DORMS:

The PROS of dorm life:

  • Social life is built in - it's very easy to find a "buddy" to go eat, study, hang with or work out with.
  • Dorm-sponsored social activities enhance the feeling of family and provide entertainment.
  • There are very few concerns - no need to deal with monthly rent payments, utilities, and grocery shopping.
  • Someone else will be doing most or all of the cooking.
  • Someone else will also be doing much of the housekeeping.
  • The presence of Resident Assistants is a built-in support system, especially for younger students.
  • You are sharing your living quarters with other students who understand the demands on your time.
  • Dorms are usually close to classes, the student center, and other college activities.
  • Cable TV and high-speed Internet access are often available within most college dorm rooms, and even if you pay for them it'll be cheaper than on your own.

The CONS of dorm life:

  • Social life is nearly inescapable. The close living quarters means that it is often impossible to avoid social life which isn't always "fun" or good for your GPA.
  • Dorm activities can often feel like unavoidable obligations.
  • Privacy can be hard to come by and sometimes can be very noisy places.
  • Shared bathrooms - (period).
  • Without (often illegal) small appliances, something as simple as making a cup of coffee or heating a cup of soup when you want a snack is impossible.
  • Your eating schedule will be decided by cafeteria hours.
  • Dorm rooms can also be a very small space which you share with someone, maybe even someone you've never met before.
Ok so let's move on to Apartments.

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