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Make Your Dorm Room A Home

Ok so you don't have much to work with in your small room (dorm room that is), which is about to be your new "home." Every room has the standard four walls (white if you're lucky), a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a closet.

So now let's start to get cozy, here are some tips:

  • Walls: This is probably one of the easiest and best ways to create your own unique room. You can choose tapestries (though some might be illegal on the walls), or art posters, or your own creations, covering the walls will define your space. To keep a piece of home many people make great photo collages.

  • Plants: A little green lends a homey effect and helps keep a room fresh. But remember to water the plants, because when they're dead and brown they aren't too pretty. Or get some low maintenance plants like a cactus.

  • Pets: Although the idea of a small pet might sound great. But there are many obstacles since most (or all) pets are not allowed.

  • Furniture: As much as you want to bring that extra couch or bookshelf from home, remember that space is limited (VERY Limited according to your roomie).

  • Appliances: the most importants needs in a dorm room are a small refrigerator and a microwave - must make sure they are compliant. These both come in handy for your snacks when the cafeteria just won't do!

  • Loft: A great way for some extra space is to build a loft. Lofts give you a top bunk with a lot of room underneath, where you can put a desk or a couch. Make sure that you're allowed to build a loft before you truck a bunch of lumber up to your room. Lofts are also not a good idea if you have a fear of heights. Remember that you'll have to get in and out of bed without the help of the fire department.

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