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191 Hamilton St, New Brunswick 732/828-2111
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Since 1981, White Lotus Futon has been handcrafting the finest mattresses. Futons, the most popular mattress choice throughout the world, are the most supportive, comfortable and versatile choice in bedding. Whether used on a flat bed frame or a frame which converts from sleep surface to seating, a futon from White Lotus offers better support and is more comfortable than any other mattress or sofabed. Everything we sell is made in the United States. Most of the products are made at White Lotus in New Brunswick, NJ. The only things that we do not make ourselves are the frames. White Lotus only sells North American (as opposed to rainforest) wood frames which have been tested and are fully warrantied. We stand behind our products for as long as you own them.


Twin Combo

w/ Twin All Cotton Futon - $225
Twin KD Lounger
w/ Twin All Cotton Futon - $265

Double Ash
w/ Double Foam Core Futon - $500

Twin Futons
available in All Cotton
or Foam Core - $155 - $180

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