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Massage Oils
Bath & Bubbles
Couples Games

Setting The Mood
We have some great ways for you to set the mood with the music, candles, massage oils, books, movies and more!

Slow It Down:
Take the Blink 182, Nelly, and Eminem out of the CD player and substitute with these Love Favorites: Romantic Melodies, Ella For Lovers.
Dim the lights and burn some candles.
This Melt Your Heart Valentine's Basket will make an impression!
Warm up the night with these Edible Warming Oils icon or soak in it with some Bath Fun!

More Oils & Massage Kits
Enjoy yourselves with some playful (maybe even erotic) games.
Try Strip Chocolate icon

More Erotic/Couples Games
Make Your Bed:
Make your bed - it's all about presentation. This will definitely make her swoon. This A Bed of Roses iconpackages has everything you might need.
Read Aloud:
Set the romantic mood by reading some of the most enchanting
Love Poems
Sit Back & Relax:
Enjoy your time by watching some great romantic movies:
Moulin Rouge, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Bodyguard

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Check This Out

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