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Win A Makeover  

Winners: January 2004
"New Year, New You"

Our first batch of makeover winners came out on a Sunday afternoon (Jan 25th, 2004) a little excited, nervous, anxious BUT they all left starlets ready to paint the town red. Click on their photos to see how their makeovers turned out.

Beevly's curly sometimes frizzy hair needed a redo. Beevly says, "I have always had problems since I was little with my hair. I never knew of a proper style that would suit my face and structure. I feel that the style that I have been used to for the last couple of years has taken a toll on my hair."
Jenna need to lose her low-key college look and has never colored her hair professionally. She felt: "I look PLAIN! I need something that makes people look at my face and not my body The color of my hair is poop brown. And my hair is so thick...I need something to make it look flatter and thinner."
Pam doesn't actually remember her natural hair color - she's notorious for changing her color almost EVERY MONTH and she barely paints her fair complexion. Here's what she said prior to the makeover, "I hate how I look. People always say I look so young and I have such low self-esteem and never know what to do with myself to make me feel pretty."

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