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Win A Makeover  

Win A Makeover!

What's your story? Scared to shed those lengthy locks, don't remember your natural color, had the same look for way too long? Whatever your situation... we want to know why you want/need a new look and we might grant your wish! You'll get the royal treatment at ReCreations Salon - a top salon in New Brunswick, NJ!

Fill out the survey below and send us a photo. Photos will not be returned unless you include a SASE. You must also be willing to travel to New Brunswick, NJ.
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Why do you need a new look? (describe your current look, why do you hate it, what do you want, how would people describe you...) *
Do you have any restrictions for a makeover? (such as: color, length, style)*
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Photos must be emailed to:
or via mail to Makeover Contest, Xplore Communications, PO Box 147, Matawan, NJ 07747

Photos become the property of Xplore Communications, entering this contest gives Xplore Communications permission to use your image/likeness in promotions and marketing.

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